Frequently Asked Questions​

Over the years I’ve had the chance to work with lots of amazing people, and gained a whole wealth of experiences that I’d love to share with my followers.

Here are some answers to some of the questions I get asked the most.


Does modelling get in the way of studying?

No, not at all.
I have been studying throughout all of the years that I have been modelling and I am still studying now.
I plan my photoshoots around my work/studies and if there is a certain photoshoot or project that comes up for a specific date, then normally I receive enough notice to book time off with my work/studies.
Just always remember to take a break and have some rest, don't burn yourself out by doing too much, at once, for too long. It's all about having balance.


Are all models as confident as they seem?

When you are in front of the camera, you also put on an act. You act in whichever way to create the best image for the style/ shoot that you are trying to create. Confidence is important when in front of the camera, otherwise it will show in your final images in your face and in your body language.
There are many models who are confident and happy in their own skin and love their bodies and themselves, flaws and all. On the other hand, unfortunately there are also models who have body hang ups or have parts of their body they do not like and wish they could change. Some models have body dysmorphia, cocaine addictions, eating disorders, anxiety and depression and paranoia over the way they look.
Some models desperately feel they want to look like their edited photos and will undergo surgery and aesthetics to change themselves, when they were already beautiful to begin with.

As for me, before I was a model there were many parts of my body I wanted to change. Modelling has helped my confidence to grow over the years, as I’ve grown as a person, my body has changed many times.
Now I am able to say that yes I have my flaws and things I’d love to change but I have learnt to accept who I am and I have learnt to love my body (Even on my bloated days haha).
Everyone has their bad days and that’s totally normal, no one is perfect and I for one am all for empowering others and lifting each other up with positivity and empowering them to grow and to love themselves.


How can I get into modelling?

Thanks to social media and other platforms, it is a lot easier to get into modelling these days and to be spotted but counteracting that, there are hundreds of thousands of young girls/women who are trying to be a model too.

Firstly develop your modelling skills, practice model poses and facial expressions in front of the mirror and a camera.

Research different styles of modelling and decide what type of modelling you want to go into, whether it be fashion, catalogues, catwalk, glamour or more

You could apply to modelling agencies like Storm, Ford Models and Elite Model Management. Where these agencies will help models to find work.

Please make sure you research the agency, there are a lot of con artists out there who will charge you for them to do admin and create you a portfolio. You should never have to pay for anything, apart from maybe your travel or digs sometimes.

You could reach out to photographers on social media, someone who preferably has references or lots of work to show as their own, just remember to keep yourself safe. Message the photographer and let them know that you are wanting to go into the modelling industry and are looking for a photographer who will shoot you and help you to start building a portfolio.
You may get a lucky response from a photographer that will offer you a TFP/CD which means (Time for prints/cd). This is where you will do the photoshoot for free in exchange for some edited images that you created with the photographer.

Please make sure you have a model release form for both to sign to protect you legally if needed
(You can find examples online).


Would You Do Porn?

That’s a question I get asked a lot and the answer is no.

I am adventurous and I am open minded about a lot of things and I have nothing against those that choose to do it but I like to try to keep at least something to the imagination and to keep some privacy for myself and the person that I am with.


What Skills and knowledge do you think a model needs?

There is a wide variety of models in the world with a whole range of skills and abilities and when you go to a photoshoot every single one is different and needs different skills.
But off the top of my head

A model needs the ability to work well with others, have active listening skills and to be flexible and open to change.

Being able to change outfits quickly is a bonus. I feel that a model needs physical skills like movement, coordination, dexterity and grace. A model needs to have patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, having the ability to organise your time and workload is important too, especially if you have another job on the side.


What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a model?

Unfortunately there are people in the world who pretend to be photographers and book you for photoshoots abroad when their plans for you are most certainly not a photoshoot.

I had an experience once when I was 18 years old and I had planned a 2day photoshoot with a photographer in France. Everything was planned down to the T. From outfits, location, photos of the villa and where they would collect me from the airport, so I was just awaiting flight details.

The day before the shoot came I got contacted by the agency to check that I hadn’t left for the flight. When I explained that I was waiting for those details, they explained to me in the only way they could that I would not have returned home from that trip if I had gone.

My stomach twisted and my heart sank. Reality then kicked in. When I told my mum we agreed that from that day forward my mum or a friend knew every detail they needed about every shoot I have in future. That experience forever stayed in my head and has made me more cautious when booking shoots and checking out the photographer or whoever the shoot is with.


Is it hard to have a relationship or date as a model?

I would say it is slightly harder. Yes, it takes a lot of trust on both sides of any relationship but it is harder to find someone who is accepting of what I do. Some find it hard that their family or friends could see images of me that they wouldn’t want them to see.

There is also the trust that although messages are entering my inbox, I do not entertain them in a way that is unfaithful, some I may reply to and be polite and friendly and thankful for their kind words or support but that is it.

It’s about finding someone who understands that this is my work, it is a job and I enjoy it. to understand that modeling isn't all I do and all of who I am. I still have another career and I love it. It's challenging yet rewarding. I have studied since I left school and I am still studying now. I strive to do the best in everything that I do.

There are lots of models who have found some amazing supportive partners out there and they are very happy together, some have children and some even do photoshoots together. So there is someone out there for everyone, I believe that someone will come along when the time's right, in the meantime I'm focussed on myself and my family and friends.


Do models sleep with photographers?

Generally, the majority of models and photographers are purely professional and there is no sex or sexual contact involved. But there is a dark side to many things in life, so yes there are models and photographers out there who are sexually involved together.

A lot of the time models are hoping it will get them to the top and photographers take advantage of their role as a photographer. There is a small percentage of models in the world who have made it big that way but the vast majority of them don’t and end up with a bad reputation and put themselves at risk of harm/abuse.


How much money can you make modelling?

The world is your oyster, you can earn from nothing to earning thousands each year, it all depends on experience, look/style, where you work, if you travel, which type of modelling you go into and whether you're good at saving.

As a beginner model, it’s all about finding the right style of modelling for you, what is your look/style? What levels would you feel comfortable working at? When you know what style modelling you want to go into then it’s all about finding the right agency or website so that you can start to build a portfolio.

Most agencies will want some photos of you, Natural makeup free close up images of the front and each side of your face, they will want a long body shot photo of you in lingerie or swimwear or something that easily shows your physique and body shape, this will be 3 images, it will be a full front, side and photo of you standing with your back to the camera. They may also ask for a portrait size photo of you from your waist up facing front and to the side.

Generally building a portfolio starts by doing TFP/CD shoots, which is you shooting for free in payment for some final edited images either printed or on a disk/email from the shoot. you will need a wide range of images to show you are adaptable to different styles. Once you have built up a portfolio you can start reaching out to other photographers, agencies and other models to work alongside them and slowly build up experience and references from other photographers and at some point start to charge at a lower rate and raise the money up as you grow and learn as a model over the years.

Make sure that you have a model release form for every shoot to protect you and your images so no one can use or sell them without your permission or without giving you a percentage of what they earn.

Over the years I have studied alongside modelling, I have a passion for mental health and helping others and I have been lucky enough to have both a career in mental health and modelling over the years. There is a chance to earn a living and be a model full time but the industry is competitive and very hard to crack and not always guaranteed work, so having a back up income is best to make sure you don’t end up in a financial crisis.